Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jenna's Favorite Annual Events/ Parties of the Summer

"Monday is the new Sunday Funday"
 @ Georgica's 2nd Annual 
Georgica Funday,July 2nd 

Heat Benefit
The Ellen Hermanson Foundation hosts the Heat benefit every year in July. You don't wanna miss this party! Lindsay Lohan even gave me the middle finger one year #winning

I mean no one really watches the Match but the booze is free and flowing. So, if you can hit up a match. Do it.

Super Saturday
Clothes are unbelievably cheap with every designer you can think of. Can't go wrong! "The Perfect Saturday" hit up Super Saturday then polo..Heaven. If you're really lucky you will run into Scott Disick wearing a really cool pink get-up and then see Nacho's sexy ass an hour later.

Talkhouse White Trash Party
YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PARTY! The outfits are out of control and the Talkhouse can throw one hell of a party!

These are Just a few of my Favorite Annual Parties and events. I'll be keeping you kids posted on many more upcoming parties/events! Here are some pictures of last summers parties that I pray become ANNUAL!

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